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FO CONNECT specializes in the fiber optic cable assemblies, including the manufacturing of fiber optic patch cords, pigtails, and pre-terminated cables in customed or standard configurations, multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4) and single-mode (OS1,0S2 G652D, G657A) with connectors such as SC, ST, LC, FC, MTRJ, MU, …etc.

FO CONNECT team has more than 20 years of experience in this industry. We have heavily invested in the necessary equipment to produce good quality products, and to improve our delivery time since it is the wish of the majority of customers.

FO CONNECT team includes highly qualified operators and specialized supervisors. This team is the key to our quality insurance.

FO CONNECT is also your one-stop supplier of all fiber optic solutions (LAN, WAN & SAN…), including components, cable management, cables, equipment, tools & consumables, active devices, racks & cabinets.

FO CONNECT main mission is to serve the optical industry, through its integrators, installers, distributors, and telecom operators, in the Eastern USA, Western Europe, as well as in Morocco and North and West Africa regions.


Customers Served Worldwide
Minimum Connectors Mounted
% Customer Quality Satisfaction Since 2007


Advice, Study, Support & Training

FO CONNCECT offers to its Customers, in Morocco, in Africa, and anywhere else in the World to assist them in their optical network infrastructure and maintenance projects. Depending on cases, could be advice, Engineering and technical studies, support and achievements monitoring, problem-solving during maintenance, as well as theoretical and practical training for teams on various aspects of the optical fiber technology including all its innovations.

Equipments and Tools

FO CONNECT offers to its Clients in Morocco, in Africa, and anywhere else in the World a variety of equipment and tools that they might need to achieve or maintain their optical networks. For example OTDR, insertion loss meter, splicers, launch cables, microscopes…

Repair, calibration & maintenance

FO CONNECT offers to its clients, in Morocco, in Africa and anywhere else in the World, to take charge of the repair, the calibration process as well as the maintenance of all equipments and tools.

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